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Career Planning (Apprenticeships, Military, Employment)

Apprenticeship programs are occupational training programs that combine on-the-job work experience with technical or classroom study. Such programs develop useful job skills in individuals entering the workforce. These programs address the need for better-trained entry-level workers and help young people make the transition from school to the work world.
The San Joaquin Building Trades Council represents 21 different construction trade union affiliates that represent over 10,000 men and women, who work in the construction trade industry, and live in San Joaquin, Calaveras, and Alpine Counties.
San Joaquin Building Trades Council
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Local Recruiters
MARINES: Sgt. Hernandez Modesto Marine Office Instagram Page
Cell: (209) 499-0636 
Office: (209) 524-1775
Cell: (916) 549-0015
Office: (209) 823-1712 
ARMY National Guard: SGT Rodriguez, Priscilla
Cell: (951) 897-9512
Office: (209) 321-6546
NAVY: Zach Borba
Cell: (510) 872-1299
Office: (209) 824-3847
AIR FORCE: John A. Clarke II Technical Sergeant
Cell: (209) 607-3444
Office: (209) 524-2445