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Schedule Change Policy

When selecting courses, students are strongly encouraged to consider their career and educational plans and select courses that will best help them to reach their goals.

Students must adhere to the guidelines below when selecting their courses for the upcoming school year.


  • Read the instructions carefully for course selection
  • Review transcripts and complete or revise four-year educational plans. Students must complete all graduation and enrollment requirements. In addition, they select courses that support their plans for college, career, and other training.
  • Review the prerequisites for the courses selected. If a course requires teacher permission, they must obtain the proper signature on the course selection form and follow the application, try-out, or placement procedures for designated courses.
Students must attend the classes listed on the printed schedule they received at Cougar Kickoff unless their counselor sends them a new one. Students can sign up to meet their counselor to discuss schedule changes during lunch, their passing period, and before or after school.


The following are valid reasons to request a schedule change and fill out a course change form:

  • No core subjects (Social Sciences, Math, English, etc.)
  • Scheduled in the wrong class level (e.g., needs Math I before Math II)
  • A senior and is missing a required class for graduation or college eligibility
  • Incomplete class schedule (fewer than six classes)
  • Scheduling error (e.g. 9th grader enrolled in 12th-grade class, etc.)
  • Seniors with at least 180 credits and meet GPA requirements to opt-out of 6th period.
  • Failed a required course and wants to repeat it
  • Took the course in summer school



Schedule changes will not be granted for the following reasons: 

  • Teacher preference
  • Period choice (e.g. “I want Chemistry second period”)
  • Friends in a certain period