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Escalon High School encourages students to participate in the many athletic programs offered by the school.

Required Documents

Health Statement & Parent/Guardian’s Consent (Sports Physical)

Participation in any Escalon High School athletic program requires students to have a current sports physical completed and signed by a licensed physician prior to the student participating in the program, including tryouts or practice. The student and parent must go online to complete the athletic clearance process at Once the online clearance process is completed, including the upload of the completed EHS Athletic Participation Form (physical), print out the "Confirmation" signature page generated by the website.  Sign this document and turn it in to the Varsity coach of each sport that the student participates in. The EHS Athletic Department will review all athletic clearance submissions and grant final clearance when all requirements are completed.  Sports physicals expire one year from the date of the physical.

Eligibility Requirements


Student-athletes may practice if they attend at least half of their school day.  Student-athletes are not allowed to participate in practice if any portion of their absence on that day is unexcused.  Student-athletes that have cleared, excused absences due to appointments, family matters, etc. may still participate in practice.

All student-athletes must be in school ALL DAY on the day of an athletic event to be eligible to participate in that day’s event.

Student-athletes with a funeral, doctor or dentist appointment (or other special circumstance) must come to school before and after the appointment to be eligible to participate. They must be able to produce a signed note from the doctor or dentist verifying the absence. It is strongly encouraged that these absences are pre-arranged with the office staff and coach beforehand to ensure eligibility.

See attached Athletic Handbook for more detail and clarification.

2.0 Grade Point Average

Escalon High School has six separate grading periods. Each grading period is 6 weeks (30 school days) in length. Students must earn a minimum weighted 2.0 GPA and not receive two "F"s or two "U"s. See Athletic Handbook for policy.

Positive Record of Citizenship

As a condition for maintaining eligibility for participation in extra or co-curricular activities, each student shall also maintain a positive record of citizenship. A student shall not be eligible for participation upon receiving 2 unsatisfactory marks in citizenship during the preceding grading period. (Board Policy 5362)

No Suspension

A suspension from school will result in an immediate loss of privilege for an amount of time to be determined by an administrator.