Lauren Guzman » Ms. Guzman: ELA 3G and ELD III

Ms. Guzman: ELA 3G and ELD III

English IIIG is a thematic study of American Literature.  Each part of the course will emphasize different themes, ideas and concepts as they pertain to American Literature.  Vocabulary, grammar, composition, research skills, and reading comprehension are all covered within the context of important works from the authors and ideas of the Colonial, Revolutionary, Early National, Romantic, Regional/Naturalistic, and Early Modern periods.  American history is naturally a significant part of this course, as movements, ideas and themes in literature are closely linked to events in history. Aside from the obvious practical applications of increased vocabulary, comprehension, and writing skills for college and/or entry into the workplace, students can benefit from having a stronger sense of the different movements and moods this country has experienced and expressed through various authors and themes.  This kind of understanding can provide a sense of connectedness and the ability to identify, analyze, and live with current social and political trends. Methods of instruction will include lecture; demonstration/modeling (both live and technologically); guided practice; reading; writing; tests; quizzes; discussions; debates; and speeches.

The objective of this course is to help ensure that students are college and career ready in literacy. English 3D is a new English language development program designed to ensure proficiency in the language of school-the academic vocabulary, speaking, listening, and writing vital to success in school and life. 

  • English 3D will ensure all students are on a path toward college and career readiness by:
  • Teaching high-leverage, portable academic language, including vocabulary, syntax, and grammar.
  • Improving speaking and listening skills through daily opportunities for class discussions, peer collaboration, and formal speeches.
  • Developing academic writing skills in summarizing, justification, argument, and research.
  • Engaging students with authentic, increasingly complex informational texts that present real-world issues relevant to teens’ lives.
  • Making regular connections between coursework and the demands of college and the workplace. 

Students will read a variety of literary and informational text. In addition to the emphasis on close reading and academic writing, students will address skills within listening and speaking, language, and research. Grammar and vocabulary will be assigned throughout the year, along with larger projects.