By Principal Eric Simoni

Welcome back and Happy New Year!  I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Christmas break and feel refreshed and ready to go as we head into 2018. 

New Facilities & Modernization

Once again, EHS cannot express enough gratitude and thanks to the great Escalon community for its unwavering support of Escalon High School.  Due to the community’s dedication and commitment, our students are receiving a first class educational experience with modernized music and gymnasium facilities.  Additional modernization projects are currently underway and approaching completion dates while new projects are hitting the ground running and moving right along. 

Solar Project

The EHS solar installation project is in its final stages and should be operational and moving power into the site energy grid as early as late January.  Included in the solar project, will be a resurfaced and restriped student parking lot, improved student lot lighting, and an upgraded, energy efficient pool motor and pump.

EHS Farm Updates

In addition to the solar project, early dynamic modernization updates to the EHS school farm located on Stanislaus Street are currently underway.  Early plans include a greenhouse, four rows of fruit trees, a shade house, and numerous raised garden beds.  Livestock facilities are also included in the project which is located west of the campus on highway 120.

Growing Attendance Rates

A newly implemented perfect attendance program started at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year has had a positive impact on EHS student culture.  Every calendar month, students with perfect attendance are highlighted and are eligible for prizes (made possible by local donations) through a blind drawing.  Monthly/daily attendance rates are up from last year, while student enthusiasm and energy from the program are very evident.  The new Perfect Attendance program will conclude with an award ceremony for students with perfect attendance for the entire school year.

Career Day Exploration

It is the mission of Escalon High School to ensure that all students are college or career ready.  As students begin to plan for the rest of 2018 and beyond, the EHS Career Center is organizing its first “Career Day” on January 29, 2018 that is scheduled for all students to experience during regular school hours.  Industry leaders from the private sector will visit the EHS campus to provide important background information about various occupations at the local, state and national levels.  This event will afford students a first-hand look at employment opportunities and gain more insight on their personal academic and career plan moving forward. 

These experiences and others are illustrations of Escalon High School’s excellent overall academic program.  There are many more important and events heading our way.  If anyone has questions about upcoming events please don’t hesitate and contact the EHS administration office for more information.