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AP World History 2017-2018 - All YearJustin Thomason


Advanced Placement World History is a rigorous college-level course that may be used to earn university credits. In this course, students will study the breadth of the world’s history dating back to around 10,000 BCE. The College Board requires that AP World History makes an effort to cover each region of the globe and limits the coverage of European history to a maximum of 20% of the course. Students will be expected to learn and understand global processes; continuity and change throughout history; comparisons between civilizations, belief systems, and political structures; and able to utilize specific historical thinking and writing skills. 

Important Course Information

  • Students are required to complete a significant assignment during the summer prior to the school year to be submitted on the first day of school.
  • Students and their parents must sign a course contract in order to be enrolled in the class.
  • Students are unable to switch out of an AP class until the next semester.
  • Students receive a class grade that is not influenced by the AP Test in May. Conversely, student class grades have no bearing on the results of the AP Test.