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Gustavo Arzac


  • Born: Modesto, Ca
  • Lived in: Escalon, Turlock, Modesto
  • Schools attended: Escalon High School, CSU Stanislaus, USAC Costa Rica
  • Favorite hobbies: traveling to different countries. My travels include: Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Spain. 
  • Family: I have a wife and one dog named Nala. 
  • Unique or meaningful life experiences: Marrying my wife.

As a teacher, I am organized, hard-working, enthusiastic, and most importantly, student-centered. I thrive on connecting with people and raising the standards on the human potential. As a person with a different cultural background through ethnicity and foreign education, I am extremely open-minded and embrace different cultures. I understand the importance of taking into consideration students’ unique backgrounds and applying this knowledge to their personal and academic needs. As a modern language instructor, my professional goal is to motivate students to become lifelong communicators in the Spanish language through creative and meaningful learning experiences.


2017-2018 - All YearSpanish I
2017-2018 - All YearSpanish III